Who's The Man

Exhibited at the 25thUBE Biennale (Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture)

Year : 2013

Medium : Vegetation, Granite, Artificial soil, Stainlesssteel

Size &Weight : 400H x 250W x 250D (cm), 2500kg


Human history is a history of the battle against nature.

When humans attemptto conquernature, nature shows its mighty power to reverse those attempts.

That is the providenceof nature.

This work represents a humanbeing feeling conflicted but livingthrough.

Termssuch as ecology and conservationof naturehave, for a long time, been commonwhen talking about environmental issues in our society.
However,Ihave doubtsabout ahuman-centric approachto solvingthese issues. 


The power of nature is not equal to that of humans, and the former is overwhelmingly stronger. 

And yet, humans,with theirability to control nature,builtmodern society whilst destroying theenvironment.

It is farcical to putthat major premise on a shelfand call for the preservation of nature within thecity. 

Although I am neither an environmental researchernor a member of an environmental group, I question through art thisfarcically conflicted attitude and existence of human beings.