Mr. Plant

Year : 2020

Medium : Vegetation, Iron, Acrylic resin

Size & Weight : 190H x 90W x 60D (cm), 50kg

“Who knows, the day may come when you stab yourself with a syringe just to go out,” Mr. Plant implies.
This work represents the strangeness of the COVID-19 era and a world where we don’t know what will happen in the future.

When a peaceful life is taken for granted, we tend to get panicked and feel anxious as if the world has turned upside down due to a virus outbreak like now.
That is just because we hadn’t experienced it firsthand in real life.
You may see this pandemic as an unprecedented and once-in-a-lifetime crisis, but historically speaking, it is just one of those events that repeatedly happen in human history.
What does the future hold? What awaits us after mask-wearing may be an extraordinary world in which you might have to go out with a syringe in your head...