The Time of the Beginning

Presented in the 5th Setouchi Triennale (Shodo Island, Tonosho Town, Kagawa Prefecture)

Year : 2022

Medium : Ceramic, Iron, Vegetation, GRC (Glass fiber reinforced cement)

Size & Weight : 390H x 230W x 230D (cm), 3800kg

Memory is hazy at the beginning

Until one day - We become aware of our existence in this world

The same activities of the human world - In this egg are repeated 

Even in a tiny crack - Even in a tiny strip of soil - Plants leave offspring 

Trying hard to survive and - Moving without thought

By no means is the environment desirable - And by no means are they strong-willed 

Just being there - The miracle

Everything in this world is once in a lifetime - In that time, in that moment 

Now - The time of beginning

【Description of the work】

From the moment of birth, a countdown to death begins with everything in this world.
The world we are living in now is a mere moment.
Such ephemeral life is born from a miraculous encounter.


Even out of cracks on the egg, plants find a way and try hard to sprout.
This way of life is akin to a story of life in the world of human beings.
This large egg glows red at sunset, breathes with the island, and exists in this world for a while as a symbol of life.