Shiko Miyake

The existence of things around us, including myself, is uncertain.

The reality in front of us is just a transient moment, and it is difficult to prove absolute existence.

My works are mainly themed on such elusive “existence” and question the relationship between nature and humans through multifaceted expressions.

In recent years, I am incorporating plants as materials and create works that vary according to the four seasons.

I would like to continue creating works that fit in and live with the place and that are loved by people.



Born in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture  


6th KAJIMA Sculpture competition - Model selected (Tokyo Metropolitan)


Kyoten - Prize of Kyoten (Kyoto Prefecture)

Kyoto University of the Arts, Master degree


7th KAJIMA Sculpture competition - Model selected (Tokyo Metropolitan)


Exhibition at Gallery petite forme (Osaka Prefecture)


25th UBEBIENNALE - Prize of Shimonoseki City Museum (Yamaguchi Prefecture)


NIihama station People’s square, Niihama station - Final selection


26th UBE BIENNALE - Excellent models exhibition (Yamaguchi Prefecture) 


15th KAJIMA Sculpture competition - Model selected (Tokyo)


28th UBE BIENNALE - Grand PRIZE - Prize of UBE City (Yamaguchi Prefecture)


Lives in Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture




Nitta Cooperation Osaka Headquarter building (Osaka Prefecture)

Rodel Nitta Mie plant (Mie Prefecture)


Uji City Botanical Park (Kyoto Prefecture)


Pyro-system Cooperation Headquarter building (Osaka Prefecture)


Sumoto Citizens Park (Hyogo Prefecture) 


Hyogo Prefectural Arima High School (Hyogo Prefecture)


UBE Tokiwa Museum (Yamaguchi Prefecture)