Exhibited to support the 53rd Tokushima Sculpture Group Outdoor Exhibition

Year : 2015

Medium : Iron

Size & Weight : 280H x 700W x 400D (cm), 45kg

Oh, poor tree! What a horrible haircut! Let me add a face to you... there you go.

The passage of time is cruel. A young orange osmanthus was planted on the edge of a promenade. 

The shrub grew healthily and steadily, and with time, it grew large enough to get in the way. 

The tree was then trimmed, apparently in such a way that half of the crown was cut off.
I suppose this is how it came to be the current shape. 

The funny thing is that it just looks like someone’s head no matter how I look at it. 

So, I couldn’t help but step in to add a face to it, hoping that it garners warm attention.