Egg in Ube

Model presented in the 26th UBE Biennale (Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture)

Year : 2015

Medium : Ceramic, Model of plant, Stainless steel

Size & Weight : 40H x 30W x 30D (cm), 8kg

Soil encapsulated in the egg fosters lives and forms the world.

Nothing happens by coincidence. Everything is meant to happen.

This work will mature over the years and decades after installation thanks to various species of plants coming together. 

Wildflower seeds fly on the wind and take root in the egg to leave offspring. 

Seeds sprout as if by chance, but it’s not chance. 

It’s a consequence of all the necessary conditions, such as climate, soil, and wind direction, perfectly falling into place. 

I see a similarity in human activity. We, humans, also appear to be born and live spontaneously in the world, but that too is a consequence of a particular time and place. 

Intrigued by this commonality between plants and humans, I created this work.