Public submission for a monument at “Public Square” in front of Niihama Station, short-listed model (Niihama City, Ehime Prefecture)

Year : 2014 

Medium : Stainless steel, Ceramic, Concrete

Size & Weight : 70H x 30W x 50D (cm), 15kg

In the mountains, standing quietly, is an ore warehouse made of brick.

Once, it was full of Niihama’s hope.

Thinking of the history of copper, 

I created a new space by reusing and redesigning abandoned, old materials.

Also known as Machu Pichu of the East, Niihama is a city that once prospered by producing a large amount of copper.
Hidden in the mountains is an industrial heritage made of stone and brick that was formerly in use.
Some relics remain collapsed and untouched.
My idea was to excavate, reuse, and restructure brick materials abandoned in the mountains for a monument in front of the station.
Surrounded by materials imbued with history, what story will the space tell to the future generations?